Monday, September 24, 2012

Summer = Camping

This summer we were able to go on two camping trips with both sides of our family and it was a blast. Mid June the Hall clan decided to take a trip down to Central Utah to spend time in the mountains with each other and Fumi Nau Abo. Fumi became apart of our family several years ago when he was roommates with my brother Adam. Fumi is from Japan, he was here going to school at BYU and when the holidays came he came down to Fairview to spend the holidays with us...needless to say we fell in love with Fumi quickly. He went back to Japan for a few years and we would exchange packages during the holidays and chat on facebook but we missed him so much. This summer he made a special trip to come back to Utah and spend time with us and it was so fun.

We went down to Southern Utah, mine and Jordan's side of the state, and toured the parks like dedicated tourists! We live in such a beautiful diverse place and we are so lucky to spend time in it! I know that we definitly take the beauty of our state for granted and we are going to try and spend as much time as we can in Zions this last year we are in Cedar due to the fact that it is an AMAZING place!

Here are some pictures from our week of camping/touring Southern Utah!

Here we are at base camp, it was surprisingly cold during the day and at night despite the fact it was late June but we bundled up and stayed warm.

This was mine and Jordan's first time camping together. It was so fun snuggling up to him at night in our sleeping bags, he is like a furnace and keeps me warm!

We went fishing one night, I LOVE FISHING, and did have some success...

Jordan tasted some bait and it wasn't too yummy...

Fumi caught a MONSTER!

Grandpa teachin Kaylee to fish.

Kays testing her rain boots...they were successful.

Me freezin my but off. I did catch one fish, Kaylee beat me by catching 2.

This trip was so fun but we felt like "tourists" due to the fact that we drove to 3 different parks in southern Utah. The first stop on the list was Cedar Breaks. Here are me and Jord at Cedar Breaks with Fumi!

The next stop on the list was Bryce Canyon! 

The next day we went to Zions. Can I just tell you that I LOVE Zions so so much. It's so gorgeous. Every time we go there I am amazed at it's beauty. Tyler and Mandy drove over with us and it was so nice being able to sit and chat with them about life...and maybe possibly have a freakout over a spider that started climbing up Jordan's leg, the girls started screaming and the guys started yelling at us to stop because we were going to cause an accident (I don't think they understood that if we were driving and a spider started climbing up my leg there would have for sure been an accident!). 

We drove into Zions the back way and saw these big horn sheep off the side of the road climbing up the rocks. I had never seen big horn sheep out in the wild before so this was fun.

We decided to do a small hike up to Emerald pools so Kaylee could do it but when we got to the first pool and saw that the rest of the hike was closed I was pretty was still pretty though. 

We rode the tram up and down the canyon and enjoyed being tourists yet again. Fumi flashin his peace sign!

Kaylee bought a racoon stuffed animal before our hike and Jord put it in our camel pack so it wouldn't get dirty during the we are pretending this is our child :)

The whole crew in Zions. I love my family so much! So grateful we got to spend some time with them and that Fumi was able to fly out and see us!

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